Thoughts on Programming

WPF design-time data with MVVM

One of the best things about WPF is the ability to view and modify your (mostly) running program in the designer (Expression Blend or the designer built in to Visual Studio). Unfortunately, design-time data only really became easy to use with .NET 4.0 and still remains strangely under documented.

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Update to StudyPlannr

I’ve just updated StudyPlannr with some new AJAX-y operations. You can now change timing and remove schedule items without waiting for the entire page to reload. As part of this, I’ve also added methods to fetch the entire list of items as JSON. This should make future apps that use the same data much easier.

Next, I’ll probably move more of the operations to work without page refreshes. I’d also like to do some refactoring to try to break down the main python file and the increasingly large chunk of JS embedded in the HTML.

Medder Schedule is now

I’ve just uploaded a large update to Medder Schedule. The most visible change is a hopefully more attractive skin. I’ve also changed the name to StudyPlannr and made it available at

I’m still trying to make it look better. I’m also working on moving more of the processing/rendering to the client-side to make it more interactive. For example, you will soon be able to change weights and start/end times without waiting for the page to reload. Part of this will require a more extensive REST-like API on the backend that should help make my future iPhone app plans possible.

New project: Medder Schedule

I just uploaded the first working version of a new application I’ve been working on for a bit now: Medder Schedule. It’s a very simple web app that lets you create schedules for studying. It’s aimed at helping medical students (medders) plan their studying. They key cool thing is that it automatically divides up the time give you give it among multiple subjects and allows you to give different subjects different weights to control how the time is allocated.

I’m giving Google App Engine and python a try here. So far, I’m definitely like it. Doing interactivity is definitely not as hard as I thought it would be.